What's new:

14/9/2007: Version 0.1.3 Released:

Version 0.1.3 of FramegrabGTK has been released. It adds the movie duration to the montage header and provides a few bug fixes.

07/10/2007: Version 0.1.2 Released:

Version 0.1.2 of FramegraberGTK now adds a header to the output montage which includes the filename & the file size.

14/9/2007: Version 0.1.1 Released:

Version 0.1.1 of FramegrabGTK has been released with new CLI and Remote modes. Also a new save file dialog plus a debian package release is included. Any problems email one of the team.

12/9/2007: Tristan Ferroir decides to help out:

The man who wrote the original 'framegrabber' script has decided to help out with the GUI version. Tristan will be in charge of editing the actual framegrabbing parts of the script

Current release is: FramegrabGTK 0.1.3

For FramegrabGTK to work you need a copy of Imagemagick, Mplayer and Zenity


FramegrabGTK is a powerful BASH script that allows you to extract images from several different movie files and create a montage of the images.

FramegrabGTK is based on a script written by Tristan Ferroir that was designed to be a command-line only. FramegrabGTK adds a basic GTK (Zenity) GUI to make the script even easier to use.


For Version 0.1.3 (100% Finished):





New Features / Enhancements

Modify the header to have a the duration in the format HH:MM:SS



Tristan Ferroir & David Futcher

Watermark each extracted frame with the HH:MM:SS of extraction Todo
Held back to subsequent release
Medium estebantristan